2019 by Cindy Cleary Foster 

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Young, wild &free

Find your Tribe, love them hard

We are young family, half Brit half French Canadian, raising a tiny awakened human and tagging him along on all our adventures. Passionate about life, we let adventures fill our soul. We love to wander and discover. Our dream isn’t the typical white picket fence house, although one day we would love to add a furry pup to our Tribe. We enjoy an active life and love to feed our temple green tasty food. We have learned a few things the hard way and figured we might as well share our escapades with the World. We have chosen a different path, we escaped our comfort zone to explore and grow. It's not always easy, some days we can’t decide between the beach or the pool, surfing or hiking, milkshake or smoothie, yoga or jogging, a book or Netflix… It was important for both of us to raise our son and witness him become his own person, therefore we packed up and hit the road Jack!